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Monday, September 19, 2011

What You Can Expect from Zell Plumbing & Heating

Maybe you've had a bad experience with a contractor in the past, or maybe you've heard a horror story of a repair gone horribly wrong from a friend or on the news.  It's sadly true that these types of stories and occurrences are all too often happening to homeowners around the Twin Cities and the rest of the Country.

At Zell Plumbing & Heating our goal is to restore faith in our industry by providing excellent customer service from start to finish.  From the moment you call our company, we will make sure your needs are taken care of with extraordinary customer service.  We will schedule your appointment for as early as possible or when it works for your schedule.  

When the plumber comes out to your home, he will inspect your issue and make sure that he correctly diagnoses your repair.  He will write up your work order and tell you the exact cost of the work to be done.  Once you've signed off on the work to be completed he'll get right to work.  We will lay down drop clothes to protect your floor and remove any garbage/packaging from your home when we're done. You're home will be as clean when we leave as it was when we came.  

Our plumbing technicians are extremely friendly and courteous.  We ask all our plumbers to treat  customers as if they were helping out a family member with a plumbing repair or replacement.  We are a family-run business and want our customers to feel that when they call one of our technicians out to their home.  

Our company offers over 40 years of combined knowledge and experience between our plumbers.  We can offer great, cost effective solutions to correct problems, repair plumbing or replace fixtures and appliances.  We make sure you are happy with the pricing estimate before we start, so you'll know exactly what to expect when the job is finished.  There are no hidden costs or fees, and there are no surprises.  You will know the cost, job details and approximate repair/replacement time before we even start.

We are put pride into our work because we are puting our name on your plumbing.  Zell Plumbing & Heating treats all our customers with respect and incredible service.  We want all our customers to have an excellent experience from start to finish.  

Call us today and we will restore any negative feelings you have about service in our profession.


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